Thursday, 16 June 2011

16 June 2011 UEE’s “Birdie Buddy” to finally start airing through tvN this August

After School’s UEE seems to have finally shed her ‘curse’. Her golf-themed drama, “Birdie Buddy“, was recently picked up by cable channel tvN after being left on the back-burner for months.

Since UEE was also cast in the upcoming KBS drama, “Golden Pond“, it looks like the summer is certainly picking up for the star. ”Birdie Buddy” had been the source of much trouble for her throughout the year, so both fans and industry representatives are relieved to hear the positive news.

A representative of “Birdie Buddy” confirmed, “Everyone made it seem like it was UEE’s fault that the drama couldn’t be picked up by a network, so we were all very upset. It reached a point where people even started calling it ‘the curse of UEE’. Now that it’s been picked up, I’m sure UEE will be able to shed one less weight off of her shoulders.”

He continued, “Because of contracts and other issues, the drama had to air within the year. Our goal was to air it in the summer, so although we’re a year behind, we’re glad that it’ll still be greeting viewers.”

“Birdie Buddy” will begin airing through tvN in mid-August.

Source + Photos: Daily Sports via Joins MSN
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