Friday, 24 June 2011

24 June 2011 Sub Unit Groups?

The latest news articles say that the sub units singles will be out at the end of July.

A representative from Pledis stated, “Even though they are divided into 2 units, they have activities in Japan together, so its hard to promote long (in S. Korea)” The Pledis representative also stated, “After School is known for their changing stages, so through this sub units, you can expect another makeover to the group.”

Also, Apparently Pledis will be asking the fans to choose the 2 sub-unit names – - There’ll be a contest or some sort.

Credit: energywenkahi & fyafterschool via AfterSchoolDaze


Leez Omar said...

i don't know how to react to this news.. i'm confused.. what the hell is going on with pledis? why they wanna split them into 2 units?.. it shouldn't have to be like this. i just want them to be together as a one group.. :(

Xam37 said...

Black + White + Orange Caramel + AS Originals + violet Girls... These are gonna overwork them a lot.. Pity girls.. We just one 'an' AfterSchool after all..

Leez Omar said...

YUP.. agree with u.. pity them.. i don't want them to fall sick just bcoz of overwork & stress, like snsd girls.. :(

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