Tuesday, 31 May 2011

31 May 2011 Lizzy Twitter photo update

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31 May 2011 Uee, Lizzy & Joo Yeon sponsor photos

Uee for GumEunBohwa

 Lizzy for On&On and Zsiska

Joo Yeon & Lizzy for Lesportsac

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31 May 2011 Video: Kahi and Heechul Focused During the End of Dream Concert 2011

Credit: kahibabe@Youtube

31 May 2011 After School "Shampoo" MV behind the scene and message to fans

Monday, 30 May 2011

30 May 2011 Practice video for After School’s “Let’s Step Up” routine revealed

Everyone went wild over After School’s hot tap-dance routine, and now a behind-the-scenes video for “Let’s Step Up” is guaranteed to bring in even more praise for the girls.

Performing confidently and with a little sass, the routine would draw screams from audience members whenever the girls brought it out. That being said, it was understood that the members must’ve thrown in a lot of hard work in order to not only master a new skill, but to deliver it as if they knew it all along.

This behind-the-scenes video was taken from After School’s rehearsal room, and viewers were left feeling even more impressed by the girls’ final product. Check it out below!

Credit: Allkpop

27 May 2011 Orange Caramel at Dongguk University photos

28 May 2011 Dream Concert Shampoo fancam Nana focused

Credits: MaMAyyPlaygirlz@Youtube, AfterSchoolDaze

30 May 2011 Bekah's photo with fan

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

29 May 2011 Dkpop Poll : Favourite Bagel Girl Final Result

Posted Image 
We have opened up a poll last week for DKPOPNEWS' readers to vote for their favourite bagel girl and the results are as shown below.

A total of 28,656 readers have voted on this 7 days poll.SNSD's Tae Yeon won the poll with 36% of the total votes.Followed by T-ara's Ji Yeon and f(x)'s Sulli with 4,103 and 3,204 votes respectively.

Other female idols such as Suzy and UEE did well by receiving 2,882 and 2325 votes.

Thanks everyone who has voted on this poll!
Source : Dkpopnews
Credits : Kasey on Dkpopnews
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28 May 2011 After School - Let's Step Up & Shampoo @ 2011 Dream Concert fancam

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze, ASFVault@Youtube

28 May 2011 Kahi, Raina and Lizzy @ KBS2 TV Show fantaken photos

27 May 2011 Orange Caramel @ Dongguk University Fancam

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze, godko0216@Youtube

28 May 2011 After School @ Dream Concert Red Carpet

Credit: apsclaszixful@Youtube

28 May 2011 Pledis Changes After School’s Official Color to Yellow

It is said that some ELF’s are saying that Metal Periwinkle looks like Sapphire Blue and requested Pledis to Change it~ Some f(x) fans also requested to change After School’s Color as it’s the same as f(x) Color.
 With this Pledis Tweeted After School’s New Balloon Color~ before the start of Dream Concert 2011. Followed by U-ie and Jung Ah’s Tweets Stating that Yellow is the new Ballon Color for Playgirlz(Boyz)

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

Saturday, 28 May 2011

28 May 2011 After School’s Jooyeon visits SBS’s “Dalgona” for Park Jung Ah

On the latest episode of SBS’s ”Dalgona,” After School’s Jooyeon made a surprise appearance for friend and former Jewelry member, Park Jung Ah.
The program, which takes stars on tours through their hometowns and past relationships through a live camera, featured Park Jung Ah, as well as her costar from the hit drama “Smile, Donghae,” Park Hae Mi.
Jooyeon, who also appeared in the drama, stated much to the surprise of the studio, “I was dreading the scenes that Park Jung Ah had to hit me. Like her easy going and slightly boyish personality suggests, the strength behind her hits was pretty impressive. I think she’s done this a lot before.”
Park Jung Ah was quick to follow up with a joke and replied, “I did hit a lot of people in my past…”, to which hostLee Hwi Jae quipped, “Is this something an actress should say?”
Source + Photo: Nate
Credit: Allkpop

28 May 2011 Translation: Joo Yeon’s Letter to her Appa, Omma and Unnie [Brunch Essay]

Appa, Omma, Unnie! I always feel grateful, I love you.
Appa! I always complain and am an immature daughter, can’t even say ‘Love’ words , Not that smart daughter, But Appa knows that i always feel thankful of Appa right?. Appa always send messages like: “Did you eat”,”Did you do good practicing?”, I can’t even reply back because i’m busy, I’m sorry. Everyday that Appa sends me a message i gained some power, Appa sends me messages like: “The daughter i’m proud of, Appa will always cheer you, Fighting!” i feel really happy, I will be a more awesome daughter. Thank you Appa!
Omma! When i think of omma, i think i’ll burst into tears. The omma that is just like an angel. Whenever omma calls, omma always says, “I Love You~”, I just shyly reply, “Yes, I know”. I can’t say anything other than that. If there’s someone next to me I always feel shy, embarrassed even that I cant say “I Love You”. However in my mind, i reply “I Love You, Omma”. Omma, I really really love you. Don’t be sick!
Chatterbox-Unnie! Our unnie that always thinks of me! I’m sorry for being un-sensitive. Unnie nagged and said to me, ” Give them a call often!” . I know well what i should say to family. I’m reliable because of Unnie. No matter what happen, i can lean on. Treat omma and appa well if i’m not home! I Love You!
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze 

27 May 2011 After School - Shampoo @ MTV The Show

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze, raina0oh@Youtube

27 May 2011 Bekah & Heechul - Talking in English cut

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze, makesomenoiii@Youtube

28 May 2011 After School - Shampoo @ MBC Music Core

Credit: CrazyCarrot270@Youtube

28 May 2011 Uee Twitter Photo Update

The lucky Kangaroo ><

Source: Uee's Twitter

27 May 2011 Translation: Nana’s Letter to Her Future Daughter (Brunch Essay)

To, my lovely daughter Jinah. Who I love the most in the world, precious rather than anything, Jinah-ya! I am so grateful that Jinah is (born) come to omma. Even if it will be tiresome I will not give up raising you, because I am happy that jinah is here. Omma will always believe in you, and save you. Your healthiness is the most important for omma. Don’t be sick, always be healthy. Omma will always be there for you. Our daughter Jinah, I love you!

Trans: fyorangecaramel 
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

26 May 2011 Orange Caramel @ Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts Event fantaken photos (Mainly Lizzy)

Friday, 27 May 2011

19 May 2011 Orange Caramel @ MBC Music Best Event fantaken photos

Credits: AfterSchoolDaze, afterschoolchina

27 May 2011 Translation: Parts of Uee’s Essay in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

I cant forget when i first met the member unnies while I was still a trainee. the unnies were really cool on both the stage and in the practice room. The unnies knew me as trainee and i would greet them gladly. When I was in front of the TV watching the unnies, i felt amazed and completely frozen.

One day, the unnies were all sitting down together when director called for me and told me to sit, “The next song is gonna be on 2nd Single album. and now we’re going to do it with Yoojin” when i heard that, i had a goosebump! That song was “Diva”.

When i am mad or pissed, i might make my parents and the members worried so i’d rather spend my time alone.

I am a bit envious of the other members’ talent. Juyeon unnie fashion sense is good, and her items often caught my eyes. i unconsciously asked “Unnie, where did you buy that?”. Bekah is good at drawing, so i learn to draw from Bekah. Kahi unnie is good at dancing . i was wondering how to do facial expressions and the hands move when watching unnie dancing, not a dance step but freestyle, and I slightly copied the dance. Raina is good at singing, i often asked about a song that fits with my voice. I was learning just like that, when i know there’s someone who envious of me i always feel amazed. When Nana said, “I am Unnies Fan” I was really surprised! Fron the fans: “I wanna be a person like unnie’ when i heard that i feel so happy. There’s also one thing that i envy from Jungah unnie, Juyeon unnie, Nana, and Lizzy. Whatever they eat they dont easily gained weight! At night, they eat cake, and i somehow feel irritated. If i see something that i can’t do, i can only feel envy. Ah, Really envy!

Wherever i hear After School’s song, even if my part is short, when my voice came out, and peoples are singing along i feel so happy . Even If i am reborn again, i also want to be a singer.

My role model is Beyonce. so charismatic on the stage, got a perfect body. that woman is my role model.
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

27 May 2011 Translation: Parts of Lizzy’s Essay in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

When i was a little, my dream was to be an Announcer. When i was in elementary school, i took a test and then went to a broadcast station. I dont clearly remember that time but teachers and seniors complimented me and said that i did well. Since then i printed in my head that i want to be Announcer.
I’m still learning how to talk like announcer, when I see the MCs I slightly feel envious. I envy when I see  an announcers charisma behind the News Desk. I also feel slight jealousy towards MC’s of Variety programs like Yoo Jaesuk oppa. Because of that, when I was on elementary school I stood in front of my mirror reading both the news and books. I was practicing and doing a One-Woiman-Show.
It has been a long time since I’ve swam. I swam from my 1st year of elementary school until my 2nd year of junior high school. If people heard this story they will ask if my dream was to be a pro-swimmer. But not even once dud I dream of that.
When i first moved from busan to seoul, i felt somehow nervous. My friends held a surprise farewell party. On that day, we went to eat together and did Karaoke.
That time when it was my first stage…The day when i officially become the 8th member of After School, i felt so nervous and felt like my heart would explode.
I really like the movie, “The Sound of Music”
If i’m stressed, i must burst into tears by eating spicy foods like ddokbukki or spiciest Ohjingo 
I really like sweet things. When i was little i always had cookies, candies, bubblegum and chocolate in my bag.
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

27 May 2011 After School - Shampoo @ KBS Music Bank

Credit: UnknowCarrot170@Youtube

27 May 2011 Can You Dance in 5 Inch Heels?

It’s no secret that both women and men are attracted to heels. For women, it boosts self-confidence. For men, it’s a visual appeal – heels make a woman’s legs look longer. On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” viewers were introduced to the massive kill heels female idols wear while singing and dancing on stage. The show caught up with three female groups to measure their heels. The girls of After School wore heels that were as high as 3.9 inches (10 cm), APINK’s 4.3 inches (11 cm), and 5dolls’ 5.1 inches (13 cm).

Almost all girl groups are seen dancing in these high heels, and many fans claim that they up the sexiness of the groups. During the episode, Jewelry’s Eun Jung was interviewed, and she stated, “I tape all my toes will nude-color tapes. Even though I’ve practiced dancing in heels since my trainee days, it still takes getting used to, and my feet still hurt.”

The episode also followed the girls of Girl’s Day as they visited a podiatrist. After various examinations, the doctor found decreases of bone density in their feet and ankles, which can ultimately lead to osteoporosis. The doctor stated, “While these girls are in their early twenties, they have the physical strength and stamina of someone in their mid-thirties. They practice the same choreographies over and over again, and such movement is closer to labor than a workout.“

Credit: Soompi

27 May 2011 So Young GlamGod sponsor pictures

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

27 May 2011 Strong Heart EP. 44 Lizzy cut (English Subbed)

Credits:  via AS_LizzyFacts, AfterSchoolDaze

27 May 2011 After School @ TvN Taxi Preview

Credits: FY! After School, SnowprinceAS2@Youtube

27 May 2011 Lizzy Twitter Photo Update

Cool Hawaiian Lady!

Source: Lizzy's Twitter

26 May 2011 Translation: Parts of Nana’s Essay in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

“I spend more time with Happy than my parents. When I come from school, Happy always greets me. Happy is just like a Dongsaeng to me”

(Happy is Nana’s puppy. Her parents gave ‘Happy’ to her as a present)

“Recently I’ve been keeping a polaroid camera in my bag to capture good moments. To think of it I take 50 photos per day”

One day, Nana’s mother asked her:

“which one you prefer, a Daughter or Son?”.

Nana wrote she likes both. But, she would be happy if she has a daughter:

“Because it will be lonely if she is the only daughter like me, I also want one sister for her. I always envied everyone with a sister”

Nana wrote in her future journal (diary) that in the year of 2028, she will turn 38, and hopes she already marrie with a cute child

“My ideal type is good looking like Kang Dongwan, or attractive like So Jisub.

The place Nana would like to honeymoon:

I want to go to San Fransisco for my honeymoon”

“What I really want to do in 10 years is have my own Beauty Shop. I feel happy when I make other people look pretty”

In the part where Nana wrote something for her future kid, she wrote:

“To My lovely daughter Jinah”

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

Thursday, 26 May 2011

26 May 2011 After School on SBS Cultwo

Credit: FY! After School

26 May 2011 Raina Twitter Photo Update

Unbelievably Cute OMG!

Source: Raina's Twitter

23 May 2011 After School @ Kim Hee Chul's Young Street

Click for original size picture.

Credit: afterschoolchina, FY! After School