Friday, 27 May 2011

27 May 2011 Translation: Parts of Uee’s Essay in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

I cant forget when i first met the member unnies while I was still a trainee. the unnies were really cool on both the stage and in the practice room. The unnies knew me as trainee and i would greet them gladly. When I was in front of the TV watching the unnies, i felt amazed and completely frozen.

One day, the unnies were all sitting down together when director called for me and told me to sit, “The next song is gonna be on 2nd Single album. and now we’re going to do it with Yoojin” when i heard that, i had a goosebump! That song was “Diva”.

When i am mad or pissed, i might make my parents and the members worried so i’d rather spend my time alone.

I am a bit envious of the other members’ talent. Juyeon unnie fashion sense is good, and her items often caught my eyes. i unconsciously asked “Unnie, where did you buy that?”. Bekah is good at drawing, so i learn to draw from Bekah. Kahi unnie is good at dancing . i was wondering how to do facial expressions and the hands move when watching unnie dancing, not a dance step but freestyle, and I slightly copied the dance. Raina is good at singing, i often asked about a song that fits with my voice. I was learning just like that, when i know there’s someone who envious of me i always feel amazed. When Nana said, “I am Unnies Fan” I was really surprised! Fron the fans: “I wanna be a person like unnie’ when i heard that i feel so happy. There’s also one thing that i envy from Jungah unnie, Juyeon unnie, Nana, and Lizzy. Whatever they eat they dont easily gained weight! At night, they eat cake, and i somehow feel irritated. If i see something that i can’t do, i can only feel envy. Ah, Really envy!

Wherever i hear After School’s song, even if my part is short, when my voice came out, and peoples are singing along i feel so happy . Even If i am reborn again, i also want to be a singer.

My role model is Beyonce. so charismatic on the stage, got a perfect body. that woman is my role model.
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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