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31 August 2011 After School's Lizzy and Uee Looking Goofy

After School’s Lizzy and Uee revealed a picture that showed both of their goofy sides, on August 30th Lizzy wrote on her Twitter, “Uee and I.” As seen in the picture, the two of them have comical expressions.


Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Whatever expression you two make, you look cute,” “You two look so lovely,” “I’m glad you two look happy! Fighting on the Japanese activities.”

After School recently made their official Japanese debut with the release of their hit track “Bang!” on August 17. The group is now working on a special collaborative project with one of Japan’s most popular and well-loved character, Hello Kitty for their promotions. 

Recently, After School had ended promotions in Korea with the members splitting into two separate subgroups. 

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31 August 2011 Raina & Lizzy 'Dearte Wedding' Sponsor Photos

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31 August 2011 Joo Yeon Twitter Photos Update

For some unknown reason she removed the tweet...

I guess it was Twitter's problem instead...

Source: Joo Yeon's Twitter

31 August 2011 Ojakgyo Brothers OST (Fanmade Video)

Credit: 90playgirlAS3 via AfterSchoolDaze

31 August 2011 Kahi, Raina, Nana and Lizzy with a Japanese Fan

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31 August 2011 PlayGirlz School Episode 4 (English Subbed)

31 August 2011 Pledis Fact – Origin of the Company

According to keitadj, Former SM Ent. manager Han Sung Su founded PLEDIS by bringing BoA’s dancer Kahi and DSP trainee Son Dambi to the company~ Just in case if you don't know...

Credit: keitadj via AfterSchoolDaze

31 August 2011 Uee Filming ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’

31 August 2011 After School's Nana Selected As The Model of Fashion Show in Tokyo

After School's Nana is selected as the main model of "Tokyo Girls Fashion Show".

Pledis released a statement saying that the fashion show will be held in Japan on 3rd September.Tokyo Girls Fashion Show will be held twice in Japan annually and will attract approximately 30,000 viewers each time.

Nana who was a supermodel before debuting as After School's member,she gained recognition in terms of her amazing fashion taste as well as perfect figure.

Translation:Kacey @ DKPOPNEWS.NET
Credit: Dkpopnews 

31 August 2011 Lizzy Sponsor Photos

Lizzy for 0'2nd

Lizzy for On & On

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

30 August 2011 Birdie Buddy CJnDrama Twitter Update (feat. Uee)

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30 August 2011 Lizzy TWitter Photo Update (feat. Uee)

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29 August 2011 After School Cuts From‘Taxi’ Show (English Subbed)

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27 August 2011 After School @ A-Nation Concert

Credit: kahi-babe via AfterSchoolDaze 

30 August 2011 Crazy Dancing Queen Lizzy (All My Love Special Cut)

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30 August 2011 E-Young’s Brunch Essay Book Pictures (Japanese Edition)

Monday, 29 August 2011

29 August 2011 After School @ Airport Photo

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29 August 2011 Kahi Twitter Photos Update

Kahi tweeted - In the rest room of Japan's schedule! No doubt light is the life of woman!!! Heh~~ Lizzy found a window where light is able to come in, and I took a selca at there~~!

Source: Kahi's Twitter

29 August 2011 After School's Uee Puffs Out Her Cheeks

UEE recently showed off pictures of herself from the set.

UEE currently appears on tvN’s Birdie Buddy. On the sixth episode, UEE puffed her cheeks out while holding a teddy bear. She looked just like her nickname ‘steamed bread with sweet bean jam lady’ in the show.

She traded in her sexy stage costumes for casual clothes while she was on the set. She also chose a simple watch to go with her outfit.

People responded: “I thought she is only sexy but she is also cute.” “She will become a great actress in the future.”

Birdie Buddy is based on artist Lee Hyun Se’s comic and features golfers’ lives and loves. The show will air every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m.

Source: Sports Seoul from Nate 
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Credit: Dkpopnews 

29 August 2011 UEE’s double life - Interview

‘Honey Thighs.’ The term was coined in 2009, when Afterschool’s UEE (23) became a hot Hallyu star.

The girl known for her thighs was suddenly the new Korean sensation, making appearances in popular entertainment programs and receiving advertising opportunities reserved for only the most elite of Korean female celebrities.

Furthermore, she was also offered a role on (then) the #1 Kdrama, ‘Queen Seon Deok‘. No one could deny that UEE was the new ‘it’ girl. Every male in Korea wanted to date her, and every girl wanted to be her. Her sudden rise to fame undeniably caused some controversy but she carried on, showing the nation her uniquely distinct UEE appeal. To be frank, maybe not everyone knew UEE of After School, but there were few that didn’t know ‘Honey Thighs UEE’.

Her fame seemed to know no end, as she was offered another main role in a new drama, ‘Birdie Buddy‘. UEE received criticism for taking on too many roles and was rumored to be careless in her responsibilities as an After School member, but didn’t let that faze her. She wanted to make herself known in the acting world. But all of it must’ve been too good to be true, as the broadcast date for ‘Birdie Buddy’ kept being pushed back, and no one knew realistically, if and when it would actually air.

All of her hard work seemed to be thrown out the window, but another opportunity came knocking for UEE. ‘Birdie Buddy’, which seemed to have no future even after over a year of shooting the drama, was finally scheduled to air on tvN, and not only that, UEE was also cast in the new KBS-2TV weekend drama, ‘Ojakyo Brothers‘.

I’m really ecstatic. I am kind of nervous that both dramas are being broadcast at the same time, but I’m glad I’m able to share two distinctly different characters in the two dramas with all of our viewers. I wish we could’ve aired ‘Birdie Buddy’ a little sooner, but better late than never! I’m thrilled that I’m getting to do everything I want to do, and every day is a joyful blessing.

The nay sayers were concerned about both projects being broadcast at the same time, but UEE who is an optimist and sees the positive in all situations, believed that this was a golden opportunity for herself.

29 August 2011 Uee Filming ‘Birdie Buddy’

Credit: Paran + Paran via AfterSchoolDaze

29 August 2011 Lizzy Interviewed on ‘Idol Weekly’ Show – - Kahi Ranks #2 as Best Idol Dancer + Translation

1:45 Lizzy: This again?

1:48: MC: What are you doing right now?

1:50: Lizzy: Right now I am at a drama audition (?)

1:56: MC: Are you trying for the main actress? (?)

1:57 Lizzy: (Something about two main actress)

Skip to 2:19 MC: You wouldn’t believe it x3

2:23 Lizzy: Me? Is it Me?

2:24: MC: The Best Idol Dancer

2:27: MC: It isn’t Lizzy But Taeyang

2:30 MC: Big Bang Taeyang got voted first for it

2:32: MC: Lizzy?

2:33 Lizzy: Ah…

2:37 MC: Can you please say a congratulation speech?

2:39 Lizzy: Is Kahi in the poll?

2:40 MC: She got 2nd place

2:45 Lizzy: Ah… 2nd place?

2:47 MC: Please say a congratulation speech for Taeyang

2:55 Lizzy: (Sings Taeyang’s I need a girl)

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Video: ASFVariety4 + subs: angezze via AfterSchoolDaze

29 August 2011 Lizzy & Joo Yeon Sponsor Photos

Lizzy for Rosebullet

Joo Yeon for Chris-Christy

Credit: AfterSchoolChina

29 August 2011 Joo Yeon New Twitter Profile Picture

Credit: fyafterschool

Sunday, 28 August 2011

28 August 2011 Lizzy Attended a Drama Audition

After School’s resident Cutie Lizzy recently attended a drama audition.

On the 27th, Lizzy appeared as a guest together with Jung-ah on MBC’s quiz show That change the world, lizzy showed off her charming personality and cuteness.

The MCs said, “Lizzy is so cute when she tries to do and talk in Seoul accent.”

Lizzy then revealed that she attended an audition for a drama and said, “I recently attended a drama audition a few days ago. and there I did the Seoul accent at the audition.”

Lizzy is currently busy with her daily sitcom on MBC’s daily sitcom All My Love as Seon Deok.

People are wondering if she will appear on the drama that she auditioned as well.

Source: Newsen from Nate
Credits + Translations: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty via Dkpopnews

28 August 2011 Jung Ah and Lizzy @ “Quiz to Change the World”

Credit: ASFVariety4 via AfterSchoolDaze

28 August 2011 Weekly Idol Selected 10 Best Dancing Idols

1. Big Bang's TaeYang
2. After School's Kahi
3. TVXQ's Yunho
4. 4Minute's Hyun Ah
5. Super Junior's Eun Hyuk
7. 2NE1's Minji
8. SNSD's Hyo Yeon
9. Jay Park
10. f(x)'s Amber

1st place: Big Bang's Taeyang (Lizzy was interviewed)

Such a cute girl~ She didn't forget to ask about Kahi too~ After School are one!

4th place - 4Minute's Hyun Ah, 3rd place - TVXQ's Yunho,
2nd place - After School's Kahi

Credit: Dkoponews

27 August 2011 After School @ A-Nation Concert

Credit: kahi-babe via AfterSchoolDaze

26 August 2011 After School on Japan’s “NTV Pon!” TV Show

Credit: kahi-babe via AfterSchoolDaze

28 August 2011 Bad B.O.Y (Because Of You) - After School / Son Dambi (Fanmade Remix Video)

Credit: Roxylicious028 via AfterSchoolDaze
Really nice~ But gets a bit annoyed starts from the medium part...

28 August 2011 Pledis U.S.A Personal Audition

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

Well... Quite irrelevant to our country huh... Treat it as a new photo~

27 August 2011 Kahi, Joo Yeon, Uee and Nana in Japan’s in EXILE Magazine

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27 August 2011 After School Performing “Bang!” @ MTV ZUSHI FES 2011

Credit: kpoppresent via AfterSchoolDaze

27 August 2011 After School in Japan’s “Wave” Magazine

Credit: AsFan via AfterSchoolDaze

Saturday, 27 August 2011

27 August 2011 Uee's Tweet

Uee tweeted - A lucky life like this. Live my life like this. Happiness and sadness are repeating. Love and separation are repeating. Love these sentences very much^^

27 August 2011 After School’s UEE receives praise after getting pelted by eggs

Recent images of After School’s UEE getting pelted by eggs raised a stir when they were released, but it turns out that it was a scripted event from her KBS drama, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘.

In order to create a realistic scene, one of the male staff members pelted the actress with real eggs as well as soft drinks. UEE didn’t move a muscle despite the dairy detritus bombarding her from head to toe.

Not only did she manage to shoot the scene perfectly, she also took the time to ask her fellow actors if they were all right from the pelting.

Even though it was a tough shoot for an actress to handle, UEE handled the egg-pelting scene without a word of complaint,” said the producer for ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’. “Thanks to her enthusiasm for acting, she is exhibiting a powerful gumption that carries her through the most difficult scenes.

Source: TVDaily 
Tip: Despina
Credit: Allkpop

*Hail her professionalism~ Uee Hwaiting!*

27 August 2011 After School Graduate Yoo So Young friends with Super Junior Yesung

After School Graduate Yoo So Young shares a picture (VIA TWITTER) showing that she is a close friend of Super Junior’s Yesung.

On August 19, Yoo So Young tweeted a picture and stated.. “After finishing photo shoots, I visited Yesung’s coffee shop “Handel and Gretel!” “It’s such a pretty shop, with the best drinks sold. I took a picture inside my car because there were too many people in the shop. My best wishes to Yesung!”

“Handel and Gretel” is a coffee shop run by Yesung’s parents. In the picture, So Young is wearing red and white striped shirt, smiling at the camera with a cute expression giving a warm feeling for fans.

So Young Graduated in After School on October 29th, 2009 due to her health issues and is now pursuing her dream to be an actress.

Meanwhile, So Young is currently busy with photo shoots and her drama that is currently airing in KBS TV titled The Women of Our Home.

Source: Nate
Translations: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty
Credit: AfterSchoolChina 

27 August 2011 Uee Filming ‘Ojakgayo Brothers’

Credit: Paran + Paran via AfterSchoolDaze