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24 August 2011 Kahi, Joo Yeon, Uee and Nana in Japans ‘Vivi’ & ‘Ray’ Magazines + Translations

Following SNSD and KARA, After School, a hugely popular K-Pop girl group, comes to Japan this summer. The members are all taller than 167cm! The excellent figures that stem from that make their dance sexy and powerful. This time, Kahi, Uee, Nana, and Jooyeon out of the 8 members are here. They talked to us about fashion, love, and more!!

For the interview, the members of After School sit on the sofa as if they don’t know how to position their long limbs. They’re also famous for Uee being a member. She played Yoo Heyi, the rival of the main character, in the hugely popular drama “You’re Beautiful.” But their biggest appeal is definitely the high-level dance performances laid out by their excellent figures!

Kahi: Strong, sexy, and perfect performances are our characteristic. But once we get off the stage, we have our mischievous sides. We’re just like regular people. We’re a cute group. (laughs) The difficult marching performance done by the members dressed in marching band outfits in their Japanese debut song “Bang!” is making headlines. The choreography for the dance is done so the audience is able to dance along.
Uee: But a lot of the Japanese fans are shy, and won’t dance with us. So we dance with them while encouraging them, “One more time! One more time!” (laughs)

These 4 are apparently big enough fans of ViVi to buy it every month. So, we asked them about their fashion musts and beauty techniques.

Kahi: I love to exercise. I used to go to a gym, but recently, I’ve been into yoga, pilates, and also horse riding. Fashion wise, I like the styles of Hollywood celebrities, and I check them frequently online. My fashion role models are Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins.
Uee: I think what I try to keep in mind is to drink lots of water. Every morning, I always drink a lot of water with my vitamins. Hydration is important.
Nana: Not being a picky eater probably helps to maintain beauty. Also, when walking, be aware of your posture. But, I used to walk in heels, and now since I wear heels a lot on stage, I normally wear sneakers because my feet get tired.
Jooyeon: Since I usually wear cute clothes for work, in private, I like to wear simple clothes. Like a leggings style, a one piece dress, or arranging training wear too. Instead of thinking “this might not look good on me,” I try to wear all sorts of clothes. Being a group with 8 girls, seems like talks about love would be endless!
Uee: We don’t talk about it that much, but there are times when we poke fun at each other, saying “I hear so-and-so is your fan.” Also, sharing our ideal types.

Please tell us your ideal type of man!

Kahi: I like guys who work hard at their job. I’m busy too, so a relationship where we’re able to enjoy our limited time is ideal. Because the more your desire to see that person builds up, the bigger the joy is when you do see each other.
Uee: I want someone who’s positive. Someone who would tell me “Kenchanayo” when I’m feeling down, instead of being depressed along with me, is my ideal.
Nana: My ideal is someone who would love me very very much/treat me really really good and look after me like a mom. I also want him to cook for me, so someone who can cook would be good (laughs).
Jooyeon: I want someone who’s talkative and that I can learn a lot from. But I’m shy, and I can’t approach them/make a move at all. So the next time there’s someone I like, calling him and/or asking him out myself are my goals!

The members expressed their wish to do modeling as well in Japan in the future. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the fashion they’ll be able to pull off with their excellent figures!

After School, the 8-member girl group possessing model-like figures and high-level performance abilities, is finally debuting in Japan! Kahi, Jooyeon, Uee, and Nana are here this time. They talked to us about their debut song.
Interviewer: Congratulations on your Japan debut. What went through your mind when the debut was decided?

Jooyeon: To debut in Japan was my dream, so I was very happy and looking forward to it. I want to work hard, so lots of people will love us.
Nana: I want to show the Japanese fans our performance soon. And we’ll work hard, not forgetting modesty.

Interviewer: The showcase concert held in July was a huge success, despite being before your debut.

Kahi: I was so touched. It was fun, and I was surprised that a lot of people came before we debuted, but also very happy.
Uee: I was touched because there were a lot of people who looked up our outfits online and came in cosplay. I felt the Japanese fans’ love for us.

Interviewer: Please tell us about the appeal of the group, After School.

Kahi: I think we’re a rainbow-like group with various appeals. The number 1 appeal is performance, and I want to make people say, “They’re a girl group, but how can they do such amazing things?” That’s why we try new things, and I want to keep doing so.

Interviewer: The Japanese debut song “Bang!” is a very cool sounding song.

Kahi: It’s a song we released in Korea 2 years ago. There are a lot of people overseas who kept loving/supporting this song these past 2 years and are becoming our fans. In that sense, there’s attachment to this song, so we’re very happy to make our Japan debut with it.

Interviewer: Was it difficult singing in Japanese?

Uee: It’s very difficult (she says this in Japanese). Because It’s completely different to just pronounce them as words and to pronounce them while singing.
Jooyeon: The “tsu” sound is especially hard. There’s no “tsu” sound in Korean, so you almost pronounce it as “chu.” So we basically just practiced pronounciation.

Interviewer: “Super Sexy,” the coupling song, is an original Japanese song. How did you guys feel singing it?

Nana: I thought it was a sexy and cute song. I think it’s a song that includes all of After School’s appeal.
Jooyeon: I also think it’s a song that shows off each member’s unique voice. It’s one of my favorites!

Interviewer: Wasn’t the practice for the marching band style performance that’s also seen in the “Bang!” MV quite strenuous?

Kahi: The first thing that lead to it was a marching band I saw in a movie. I told the office that I really wanted to do it because it’s very cool. At first, there were some who said, “You’re a singer. Why would you go this far?” But everyone practiced for 8 months(implied appreciation towards the members). At first, our fingers were bleeding and sticks were flying everywhere (laughs).
Nana: Like accidentally hitting the person next to you and that person saying, “Unnie… that hurt!” (laughs).
Kahi: It’s a result of all our hard work.

Interviewer: What is it like when all of you are together?

Nana: What we talk about is the same as normal girls. Like your nails are cute, and such.
Uee: It’s lively. There’s this overflowing energy, and I feel like it’s finally After School when all 8 members are together.

Interviewer: Lastly, please give a message to the Ray readers!

Kahi: We’ll work hard, so please support us. You have to love After School’s performance! (she says this in Japanese) (laughs)
Nana: Please love us all. We love you guys too!
Jooyeon: Please love us a lot!
Uee: I hope you think about After School all the time and maintain your interest in us. Hwaiting together! (laughs)

p. 200
Nana’s box:
1. A dress that shows uniqueness just by color
2. Not to overeat at 1 time
3. “I love it!” (or “I love you!” I have no idea what she’s referring to.)
4. Someone with a nice smile who would love me a lot
5. I get lonely easily, so I can’t live if there’s no one around me (laughs)
6. Make up artist, esthetician
7. Korean style sauna
8. Sapporo
9. To believe that you can do anything and not give up on trying
10. I want to be someone who’s able to help the less fortunate

Uee’s box:
1. I love shorts. I recently bought flower-patterned ones.
2. To exercise a lot
3. “Dream”
4. Someone who’s charming and kind. I like people with monolids.
5. I worry when I don’t have my smart phone (laughs)
6. A P.E. teacher
7. Myeongdong
8. Hot springs in Hokkaido
9. To enjoy life unconditionally
10. I would be 33, but I’d still want to keep doing this job then too. And I’d like to be someone who can work with more confidence (be less stressed, more laid-back)

Kahi’s box:
1. Maxi one piece dress
2. Eating habits are important. It’s not good to not eat.
3. The suffix “~kya”. (usually used with something you have to do, like a necessary action. Ex. Eat = taberu. I have to eat = tabenakya.)
4. Someone who’s tall, likes to exercise, has a sense of humor, healthy, and smart
5. Music. Hip hop, jazz… I like a lot of genres
6. Cabin attendant, fashion designer, pianist
7. Garosugil in Sinsa-dong
8. Okinawa
9. I don’t think there are talents that trump hard work
10. I think I would be a mom

Jooyeon’s box:
1. Leggings. I like to wear them under long T-shirts.
2. It’s important to think happy thoughts and not keep stress in.
3. “Delicious!”
4. Someone with a nice smile who gets me (laughs)
5. Smart phone. I can’t be without it because it’s a method of communicating with my friends.
6. Designer
7. Jeju Island
8. A great restaurant, hot springs, shopping areas… wherever!
9. I think to stay positive
10. A good wife and a good mother. I want to be a cool mom (laughs)

Credit: kahi-babe + spicecandy + Trans: pledisAStrans via AfterSchoolDaze

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