Friday, 19 August 2011

19 August 2011 After School Featured in Japan’s Only Star Magazine + Translation

Interviewer: The collaboration song with Amuro Namie, “make it happen” was big news. After School is also gaining attention for Uee, who played Yoo Heyi in the drama “You’re Beautiful,” being a member. Finally, you guys are debuting in Japan!!

Uee: The reason we chose “Bang!” as our Japanese debut song is because we felt it best represented us.

Interviewer: The performance with the drums is a highlight. I heard that the MV full of sex appeal and coolness was shot especially for the Japan debut.

Uee: Yes. The marching band performance was an idea our leader Kahi thought up of after being inspired by the movie “Drumline.” Brainstorming during the shoot, saying, “I want to do this,” leads to the next work’s performance. That’s a common occurrence.

Interviewer: By the way, I heard you guys practiced the drums for an incredible 8 months.

Uee: Actually, we’ve already started practicing for our next work. We’ve been told it’ll take 6 months too.

Interviewer: So those cool performances are a result of effort and practice.

Joo Yeon: We also work hard to wear the sexy outfits we’re known for (lol). The outfits for “Bang!” shows our midriff, so we exercised with hula hoops and did crunches.

Interviewer: Expectations are high for your success in Japan, so are there things you would like to try in Japan?

Uee: I would like to vacation in Hokkaido. Hokkaido has a lot of delicious food, right? I loooove to eat.
Joo Yeon: I want a close friend that I’m able to talk with about each other’s country. But most importantly, I want to be an artist loved by everyone in Japan. For that, I have to improve my Japanese first.
Uee: Ganbatte kudasai!!
Joo Yeon: It’s “ganbari masu” (lol).
Trans credit: pledisAStrans 
Credit: jpopmagazine via AfterSchoolDaze 

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