Monday, 29 August 2011

29 August 2011 Lizzy Interviewed on ‘Idol Weekly’ Show – - Kahi Ranks #2 as Best Idol Dancer + Translation

1:45 Lizzy: This again?

1:48: MC: What are you doing right now?

1:50: Lizzy: Right now I am at a drama audition (?)

1:56: MC: Are you trying for the main actress? (?)

1:57 Lizzy: (Something about two main actress)

Skip to 2:19 MC: You wouldn’t believe it x3

2:23 Lizzy: Me? Is it Me?

2:24: MC: The Best Idol Dancer

2:27: MC: It isn’t Lizzy But Taeyang

2:30 MC: Big Bang Taeyang got voted first for it

2:32: MC: Lizzy?

2:33 Lizzy: Ah…

2:37 MC: Can you please say a congratulation speech?

2:39 Lizzy: Is Kahi in the poll?

2:40 MC: She got 2nd place

2:45 Lizzy: Ah… 2nd place?

2:47 MC: Please say a congratulation speech for Taeyang

2:55 Lizzy: (Sings Taeyang’s I need a girl)

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Video: ASFVariety4 + subs: angezze via AfterSchoolDaze

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