Saturday, 20 August 2011

19 August 2011 After School To Make A Comeback in 6 Months Time?

In a recent interview with Japanese magazine,Only Star,U-ie was asked how long it took for members to perfect the drumline routine for Let's Do It.She had this to say in response:

''Actually,we've already started practicing for our next work.We've been told it will take 6 months too.''

So,let your imagination run wild on what could possibly their next concept!...Having U-ie said that it would take 6 months,what could it possibly be?.....

On a separate note,After School's Japanese Version of BANG! is 4th on iTunes Japan and 6th on the Oricon Chart.

Translation:@pledisAStrans via @fyafterschool
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Credit: Daily Kpop

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