Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Raina

It's May 7 and guess what... Happy 23rd (or 24th Korean Age) to our cutie pie Raina!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

12 December 2011 안녕

Hello my fellow Playgirlz/boyz. It's been quite a few months now since I started posting on this blog. Due to my current working life, I believe I won't be able to post updates timely and frequently anymore, so I decided to just leave it. It's a tough decision though.

You guys can look for After School's updates on these sites:
- After School Daze (WordPress Site)
- After School Daze (Tumblr Site)
- AS-Fan (Select the "플러스방" section)
- After School China
- Soompi After School Fan Club (With a member account you can join)
- After School After Party (AS International Forum)

Youtube Channels: (note: They might get outdated)

Twitter Accounts (Bunch of timely updated news here, create 1 if you do not have 1 already):
- @AfterSchoolMY (I'm one of the admins there, and will still be active there)
- @PledisAStrans (For the translations of AS's tweets)
- @mihyejung (For bunch of new AS related videos)
- @keitadj (Might provide up-to-date news sometimes)
- and bunch of @*name*ASfacts on there, discover yourself =)

There are more, more and more. Anyway, many thanks for the regular visitors! Thanks for your support all along~ Leez, Vee, cicakman, kutu, kingkong, sharifah and others... See ya. AS Hwaiting!