Friday, 27 May 2011

26 May 2011 Translation: Parts of Nana’s Essay in After School’s Brunch Essay Book

“I spend more time with Happy than my parents. When I come from school, Happy always greets me. Happy is just like a Dongsaeng to me”

(Happy is Nana’s puppy. Her parents gave ‘Happy’ to her as a present)

“Recently I’ve been keeping a polaroid camera in my bag to capture good moments. To think of it I take 50 photos per day”

One day, Nana’s mother asked her:

“which one you prefer, a Daughter or Son?”.

Nana wrote she likes both. But, she would be happy if she has a daughter:

“Because it will be lonely if she is the only daughter like me, I also want one sister for her. I always envied everyone with a sister”

Nana wrote in her future journal (diary) that in the year of 2028, she will turn 38, and hopes she already marrie with a cute child

“My ideal type is good looking like Kang Dongwan, or attractive like So Jisub.

The place Nana would like to honeymoon:

I want to go to San Fransisco for my honeymoon”

“What I really want to do in 10 years is have my own Beauty Shop. I feel happy when I make other people look pretty”

In the part where Nana wrote something for her future kid, she wrote:

“To My lovely daughter Jinah”

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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