Monday, 27 June 2011

27 June 2011 After School and Kahi turn it up for tvN’s “Show Show Show” premiere

Two weeks ago, we revealed the first glimpse of tvN’s new show “Show Show Show“. On June 26th, the show finally aired its premiere episode!

‘Show Show Show’ reinvents variety shows, as it is formatted as a music show that revolves around special performances–such as singing, dancing and comedy–from singers that are typically seen during the end-of-the-year awards.

The show will allow singers to pay tributes to fellow senior, junior or colleague singers of all types of genres–such as ballad, trot, rock, dance, and indie–through joint stages, parodies and comedy sketches.

In fact, fans will get the chance to see the nation’s legendary singers sing and dance to idol group songs while idols put on special stages to their seniors’ songs with their own flavor. The program, in short, will give artists the chance to put on their own special performance for the world to see. 

The show will allow artists to be hands-on and experimental with their performances.

For example, if an artist chooses to put on a special stage, they will have total control over the set, lighting, props, and even costumes for their performance. It will be the ultimate opportunity for artists to express their creativity through showcasing their talent freely.

Idol girl group After School was one of the many performers on the show recorded on June 14th and this will be the last time you will see Bekah performing as an After School member as she has recently graduated from the group. Kahi also sizzled in her collaboration stage with Chuli & Miae.

So check out their performances below!

Chuli & Miae feat. Kahi (appears from 2:18 onwards) – (Why You)

Credit: Allkpop

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