Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29 June 2011 After School Chosen as Cosmetic Models for Saem

After School has been chosen to become brand models for the cosmetic company Saem.

The combination of After School’s unique and charismatic charms is expected to attract a lot of attention and increase brand awareness. After School’s popularity has risen not only from their powerful performances but also from members involvement in entertainment areas like dramas and variety shows. Even though shooting the ads lasted from morning until late at night the members of After School were ”consistently bright and cheerful in appearance”.

“After School also recently developed into Hallyu stars, and have gained great popularity abroad” which will most likely “enhance the brand image and increase awareness”. The company is hoping that partnering with After School will publicize the brand and attract potential customers into trying their products. With a group as beautiful and talented as After School this won’t be hard to do.

Credit: Starin + ParanCredit: ASD


Leez Omar said...

soooo gorgeous!!! *faint*

buddies said...

liaay look more gogous in thi photo.. arr uri maknae~

Xam37 said...

Hahaha do u mean Lizzy? Yeah she definitely pull out with every style~

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