Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29 June 2011 Joo Yeon's Tweet

Joo Yeon tweeted - Manager came to my home and fetch me But due to heavy rain the road was blocked and we couldn't get through.. Therefore! We took the subway!!! It has been a few years!!!.. Wuuang.. Happy!! kekekekeke It was too crowded so I couldn't take a photo as a proof.. ㅜㅜHing.. (Cry)


Leez Omar said...

ah, joo yeon ssi.. pls don't cry! i'm sure there must be a fancam snap for you (hope so!).. let's wait!.. :)

Xam37 said...

Yeah.. It's hard to believe if those people inside the subway didnt take any photo of her~ Unless her manager did something lol~

Leez Omar said...

lol.. her manager did it!

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