Monday, 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 Uee - SokSokSok (feat. JongHyun from After School Boys)

The long awaited~ Enjoy~

Heart melting voice T.T

You can also purchase the song from the sites below:

 via Allkpop
Representatives of Pledis Entertainment revealed, “Instead of the powerful image she’s always been known for, she shows a sweeter, lovelier side to herself. The song is cute and matches UEE to a T.”

Credit: ASFVault & Allkpop
Info from AS_UieFacts via AfterSchoolDaze 


Leez Omar said...

Not bad.. Her cute voice can melting your heart.. lol..

Xam37 said...

ahahaha but I would prefer Raina's voice to melt my heart =)

Leez Omar said...

obvious.. again.. lol..

Xam37 said...

hahaha obviously I'm obvious..

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