Saturday, 25 June 2011

25 June 2011 Meet the Pre-School Girls Soon to be After School Members

Meet Pledis Entertainment's trainees and soon to be After School Members. this 3 are called "Pre-School Girls"and will soon join After School in the near future.

First up is..

Kim Kyung Min (17 years old)

Kyung Min is one of the two finalist in Pledis search for after school's 9th member. and is remarkably known for her powerful dancing skills that suits After School's Style. she also participated and featured in After School's 1st Album Virgin in the track "Funky Man"

Next is...

Yoo Ara (19 years old born in September 26 1992)

Yoo Ah Ra is the other finalist in Pledis 9th member search.. and one of the most popular trainee in the company to fans. not only that she has the looks but she has the vocals that charmed many fans. she is also called "YoonA-Look Alike" and "YoonYul's Lovechild" for she resembles SNSD's YoonA and Yuri.

she also lend her voice in recording for the chorus of After School's Title track for "Happy Pledis" LOVE LOVE LOVE.

and Last...

Shin Yoonjo, (20 years old)

Yoonjo is a new name among fans as she was well hidden by Pledis and was just revealed by featuring in After School's 1st album with the track "Dream"
she was called the "hidden card". she is also garnering attention with her resemblance toSNSD's Jessica and Dal Shabet's Serri.

Pre-School Girls are rumored to be in a Sub-unit together with Lizzy and E-Young called "Violet Girls"

Sources: Various After School Blogs/Fansites
Article By: Iceprinceafterschool
Credit: Dkpopnews 

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