Monday, 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 After School reveals details on their Japanese debut single, “Bang!”

Via tokyohive:

Earlier this month, Korean girl group After School announced their official Japanese debut, and the girls will debut with a Japanese version of their song, “Bang!“. Although, “Bang!” is a remake, the Japanese version will have a new arrangement and performance.

The single will come in three versions: limited edition A, limited edition B, and normal edition.

Limited Edition A will include the Japanese versions of “Bang!” and “Let’s Do It!“. The third track on the single will be the group’s first original Japanese song, which is yet to be determined. The DVD included will have the Japanese PV versions of both songs, as well as an introduction from the girls in Japanese. This edition will come in a slip case and with 1 of 10 random trading cards.

Limited Edition B contains the same contents as limited edition A, but the PVs on the DVD will be the Korean versions.

The normal edition is expected to come with six tracks, as opposed to the limited editions that will only contain three. This version will contain both Japanese and Korean versions of “Bang!”, their Japanese song, and instrumentals for all the tracks. The first press of this CD will come with 1 of 10 random trading cards.

Source: CD Japan
Credit: Allkpop

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