Friday, 16 September 2011

17 August 2011 After School Interview @ TV Navi Kansai Version

Interviewer: You guys held your first solo concert in Japan on 7/17/11. How do you feel about it?

Nana: I was so nervous~. I think there were some awkward parts in our performance, but we were able to finish it safely because everyone’s cheers gave us strength!

Kahi: I was really surprised that so many Japanese fans gathered, and it made me happy! I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day.
Interviewer: At the event, you guys performed the Japanese debut song “Bang!” for the first time.

Kahi: This song is a fun one, so I thought to express that, I myself have to enjoy it. We practiced really hard for that, and it was really fun~!

Nana: The audience sang along with us, and I was touched that they knew the lyrics before the release.

Kahi: It’s a song that you can let loose and have fun with. It’s perfect for the summer, so I definitely want everyone to listen to it.

Interviewer: The lyrics describe a woman who is aggressive/a go-getter in love, but how do you two act when in love?

Kahi: I’m not aggressive/a go-getter at all (laughs). I can joke around with male friends, but when in front of a guy who’s my type, I get self-conscious and I don’t act true to my feelings.

Nana: I tend to talk less in front of men. I’m shy and reserved, so it’s impossible to be like these lyrics describe, but I have to fix that (laughs).

Kahi: But on stage, she’s powerful! We all are, of course.

Nana: We’re able to leave a strong impression because of our powerful performances, and we’re a group that’s not afraid of challenges.

Kahi: All 8 of us are unique in our own way, so I think people will want to get to know us better the more they see us!

Interviewer: You guys appeared in Amuro Namie-san’s MV “make it happen” and made headlines. What did you think about the collaboration?

Nana: I was so honored to be able to collaborate with Amuro Namie-san, whom I’ve idolized since I was little! It was a very good experience!

Kahi: I’ve idolized her too since way back when, so I was honored to have received an offer from Amuro-san.

Interviewer: You guys are going to perform at a-nation on August 13th, 21st, and 27th. Please givs us a comment!

Nana: I want to maintain the excitement/suspense while showing a professional performance, one that will be memorable.

Kahi: I think there will be fans of various artists, but we’ll do our best, enough to make everyone’s fans our fans too!

Source : pic credits to @ItsAfter2pm and trans by @pledisAStrans 
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