Wednesday, 28 September 2011

28 September 2011 Survey

“For an upcoming project with @FyAfterSchool, @AS_Uiefacts, @AS_Lizzyfacts, we will be giving After School members a shirt each. It’s the above design but the shirt will be black (design in white like duh~). However, we will open up orders for anyone who’s interested as well.

V-necked white shirt with this design will be at USD20 SHIPPED for ASIAN COUNTRIES, and USD22 SHIPPED anywhere else.

Shirt sizes will be asian size from XS to 3XL. The price is set so because we will need the extra funds for the funding of the shirts to the members as well as other gifts for the project.

More information about the project will be released during the 2nd week of October latest.

If you are interested to get the shirt, please email the following order form to

Payment method: Paypal/Concealed Cash
Twitter ID:
Number of shirts:

We’ll reply with more instructions. ^^ And like we teased on Twitter, you need to surrender your wallets! ;A;”

Support if you are interested~ Also, help spread the word~

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