Sunday, 25 September 2011

25 September 2011 Cut of After School on the Japanese Show ‘KoiKori’ + Translations

Credit: ojas39 via AfterSchoolDaze

HyungKi: Girl group, After School!
AS: Hello, we’re After School!
Narrator: This will be their 2nd time on our show, super girl group, After School! They made their Japan debut last month with “Bang!” They’re a group to watch out for.
HK: “After School’s Please Answer!” A-ha.
Narr: Alright, After School’s unknown true form! Please reveal the name of the member who has the most difficulty waking up!
Jooyeon collected 6 votes, an impressive amount. As we tried to ask the reason for it…
JungAh: It’s Nana. It’s Nana.
Nana: It’s mom.
Raina: Mom!

HK: Hold on a second. I’m asking a question right now. I’m asking a question. There not much solidarity, After School!
Kahi: “Jooyeon! Wake up!”
“What time is it? Unnie? Ah~, ok~”
“Jooyeon! Wake up!”
“Ah~, ok~”
Jooyeon: (Rather than me) The person looking down right now is more…
HK: Uee!?
Jooyeon: Uee is awful when she’s sleeping.
HK: Her sleeping posture is bad? In what way is it awful?
Jooyeon: Should we all imitate U-ie?
Uee: Ahhhh, no no no!
Jooyeon: Ready, set…
Screen text: She sleeps with her eyes open.
?: Are you sleepy? Are you sleepy right now?
HK: You sleep with your eyes open?
Kahi: When I’m talking to her in the car…
“Uee~, today~… You’re asleep!!?”
It’s like that.
HK: “KoiKori Photo Contest!” A-ha.
Screen text: Each person becomes the cameraman, chooses a model, and photographs freely.
Narr: Alright, each person become a cameragirl and snap away as you please!
Sc txt at Nana’s pic: Photographed by: U-ie
Narr: From those pictures, HyungKi will choose the best one subjectively, and we’ll reveal it here! What kind of pictures will turn out?
Sc txt: Cameraman Nana, Model U-ie
Nana: Open your eyes a little and show me the whites of your eyes, like you’re sleeping.
HK: Look towards the back, up. Like you’re asleep.
Nana: Are you sleepy?/You’re sleepy. Sleep, sleep.
HK: Ah, she fell asleep. She’s asleep, she’s asleep.
Nana: 1, 2, 3. Thank you.
HK: Wow! She’s used to it.
Sc txt: Model everyone, Cameraman Kahi
Kahi: Lizzy, like this! E-Young, like this!
HK: Oh, the most…
Kahi: Nana, like this! Raina! 1, 2, 3.
Narr: Alright, now we’ll reveal the best photo! The one photographed by Kahi! Here it is!
Kahi: Those of you watching KoiKori,
AS: We’re After School! Please support us!
AS+HK: KoiKori~!

Translations Credit: pledisAStrans via AfterSchoolDaze

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