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25 September 2011 The Average Height of Girl Groups has Increased

When in 2005 the idol group LPG (Long Pretty Girls) debuted, many people were shocked and amazed by their stunning heights. Their former member Han Young measured a whopping 180cm, making the average height of the girl group 175cm, while the average height of women was 160cm back then. Six years has passed and it seems that the average height of Korean girl groups has gone up.

In 1990, the average height of the popular girl group S.E.S measured 161cm and that of Fin.K.L measured 166cm. The average height of the girl groups that have made their debut in 2007 were 163cm (Wonder Girls), 164cm (SNSD) and 161cm (Kara), breaking the 160cm average.

However, the new girl groups Nine Muses, LPG 2, April Kiss, After School, Dal Shabet and RaNia have managed to get the average height up to 170cm with their average heights of 172cm, 170cm, 173cm, 168cm, 169cm, and 170cm, respectively.

Some girls are still in their teen years and it is possible for them to grow a few centimeters. Also, when performing on killer heels, they heighten their average up to 180cm, making even some men jealous of their height.

A representative of one of the girl groups’ agency stated that, “The average has increased because of a variety of changes in the girls’ diets. Of course, the most important factors for a prospective girl group member to have are great vocal skills. However, because visuals are becoming more and more important, we tend to select the taller girls.”

However, the increased heights of these girls also bring several difficulties. One of them is the groups’ choreography. One of the choreographers commented, “It is very difficult to perform powerful moves, the moves come out a bit sloppy. That is why most dance routines are limited to sexy walks and poses.”

A second difficulty is the concept of the girl group. Will a group fit the sexy concept or the cute concept? While Kara and SNSD pull of both concepts, it still remains difficult to fit in both. One of the girl groups’ representative said, “There are tall girls who pull off the cute look, however, it remains limited. The only solution is to be creative and to adjust and create new and old concepts.”

*Height Conversion Chart

Credit: Soompi

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