Friday, 23 September 2011

23 September 2011 Why Can't Sung Si Kyung Watch After School Rehearsals?

Sung Si Kyung talked about After School.

On SBS ‘Strong Heart- All Singers’ special episode that broadcasted on the 20th of September, Sung Si Kyung revealed that he is still awkward around girl-groups. [...]

Sung Si Kyung said, “2NE1 has came to my waiting room to greet me, I was actually happy, but because of I was too surprised, I only reached out my hands to my juniors (without approaching them). It will be better if I approached them more”.

And then he added “It’s also same with what happened to After School during the rehearsal for a music program. I actually want to see After School’s rehearsal but I can’t watch them. They might know who I am so After School is just standing there and gaping at me”.

Meanwhile, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS ‘Strong Heart’ that broadcasted on the 20th and received 10.8% viewer-ratings, it increased by 1.4% compared from last week’s episode.

Source: Daum 
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Credit: Dkpopnews 

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