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29 September 2011 Ten reporters rate the 3 most undervalued idol actors

It’s easy to stereotype idol actors as untalented due to the many acting controversies they’re swept in once they actually try their hand in acting. Unfortunately, this is unfair to some idol-turned-actors that actually do have the talent to make it in the industry, which is why Sports Chosun brought together 10 entertainment reporters to choose the idol actors that they think are the most undervalued.

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To most people, After School‘s UEE actually matches the title of ‘actress’ more than ‘member of After School.’ She was praised for her unlikely acting skills through her role in SBS‘s ‘You’re Handsome‘ and went on to take on a variety of other roles including tvN‘s ‘Birdie Buddy‘ and KBS‘s ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘.

Such is the reason why she came out on top, earning a total of six votes. She also received seven votes for the actress with the most potential to improve, as well as five votes for most improved acting.

Following UEE is The Trax‘s Jay, who earned three votes for KBS‘s ‘Women of Our Home‘. He earned a vote for his improved acting, with his only flaw being that the dramas he has participated in have suffered from low viewer ratings.

The last vote went to Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon of KBS‘s ‘Poseidon‘. He earned two votes for his potential and a vote for his improved acting. Many also remarked that he was an actor they looked forward to seeing grow and improve in the future.

Unfortunately, it’s only natural that people will view idol-turned-actors in a negative light. Compared to actors that dedicate their entire lives to their craft, idols often land their roles based on a foundation they built from dancing and singing.

Reporters also gave six votes on idols indeed needing more training and preparation before they advanced their careers. They also gave zero votes to a ‘there needs to be more idol actors.’

There still is hope, though, as reporters gave four votes to there being no problem should an idol debut with the proper acting skills required for their roll. Considering the fact that ‘idol singers must only focus on their singing activities’ earned zero votes, it’s really up to the idols in deciding their futures.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver
Credit: Allkpop

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