Sunday, 25 September 2011

25 September 2011 After School's UEE Dresses Like a Hillbilly

After School's Uee, a singer and actress, transformed into a farmer girl for an episode of "Ojakgyo Brothers". On the fifteenth episode of "Ojakgyo Brothers", Uee entered the set wearing fellow star Kim Ja Ok's flowery long sleeve shirt and a pair of "grandma" pants.

As soon as she stepped on the set, the staff broke out in laughter. One of Korea's hottest stars was dressed as a hillbilly girl from a rural village!

However, it was impossible for Uee not to show her glamorous body, even through the clothes. Her long and slim body could still be seen through the flower print and loose pants. Because her legs are so long, the pants came up close to her knees.

A PD from "Ojakgyo Brothers" said, "Uee was prepared to downgrade her image for the sake of the drama. Through the "country girl" clothes, she was able to make a fun episode."
Credit: Soompi 

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