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24 September 2011 After School - Diva @ A-Nation in Osaka + Translations

Credit: hirolunatic via fyafterschool

(From 0:32)

Kahi: Hello!

AS: We’re After School!

Kahi: Everyone in Osaka, it’s nice to meet you. I’m After School’s leader Kahi. I love to dance, and in Korea, they call me “Dance Machine.” We’re going to work hard, so please support us. I’m so happy we’re could perform at a-nation and come to Osaka. Thank you for coming/please support us. (This phrase is kind of tricky to translate, but basically it means “please take care of us”)

JungAh: Hi, I’m JungAh, After School’s mom who wants to be a singer with a good voice. I want to make Japanese friends. Everyone, please be my friend!

Raina: Hi, I’m Raina, After School’s main vocal. I want to go walking around Osaka eating Japanese food. Would you like to come with me?

Nana: Hi, I’m Nana. I’m 20 years old. My nickname is “Sexy Fox.” It’s nice to meet you.

Kahi: Now, the rest of the members will introduce themselves.

Uee: Hi, I’m After School’s and “You’re Beautiful”‘s Uee-san… Uee. It’s rain… raining… raining today, but please have fun.

Joo Yeon: Hi, I’m Joo Yeon, with a tendency to do things at my own pace. (not in a selfish way, but more like being kind of spacey) My hobby is to have staring contests with cats. Please love me lots and lots. I’m going to do my best today!

Lizzy: Hi, I’m After School’s Lizzy, a klutzy 19 year old who’s full of aegyo. My nickname is “Squishy White Rice Cake.” Please remember me. Love chunyu! (“love chunyu” means love injection. It’s a phrase that Tanoshingo says)

E-Young: Hi, my name is After School’s maknae, E-Young. I’m the cutest out of all the members. (At the end, she adds the suffix “yon” to “kawaii” (cute) so that the ending of her sentence sounds like her name for a little word play goodness.) I’m really happy to be able to see everyone. Please enjoy!

Raina: Next is our last song. Please have a listen, “Diva.”

Translation credit: PledisAStrans via AfterSchoolDaze

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