Tuesday, 13 September 2011

12 September 2011 After School's Messages for Chuseok

Kahi: Dear Playgirlz. Have a nice chuseok! ♥ Eat a lot delicious foods. Spend a nice time with family~♥ I Love You-u♥ xoxo

Jung Ah: Playgirlz♥ Our fans are healthy right? A health is most important. Its already chuseok, spend nice time with the family~ dont forget to support After School~^^ Always thank you~ Bye

Raina: Hello, this is Raina~ Its already chuseok! Eat a lot delicious foods and happily spend nice time with family~ I wanna meet our fans T_T because we’ll meet soon, dont cheat behind (us)!! I love you~ Bbyong >_<

Nana: Dear Playgirlz Have a happy and nice Chuseok! Our cuties i miss you~ look at me only!
Lizzy: Playgirlz(s) who am~i? . This is Lizzy~ ♥.♥ Chuseok is coming. Uwa i wanna go to busan..ㅋㅋEveryone must spend a nice time with the family! Eat a lot of food~ dont eat till your stomach burst out^^ but, spend chuseok healthyly. Have a nice Chuseok!

E-Young: Playgirlz♥ Everyone is doing good right T_T i really miss our fans, you dont forgetting us right? Soon chuseok will come~ Everyone have a nice chuseok, always be happy and healthy
Trans: playgirlzworld via Dkpopnews
Credit: fyafterschool

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