Friday, 10 June 2011

9 June 2011 Top 20 idols who changed the most after making debut

M Net Idol ranking ranked the idols who have the most changes after debuting,check out the list here to see which idols entered the list!


2. 2PM Taecyeon
3. 4minute HyunAh
4. BEAST GiKwang
5. SNSD Sunny
6. BIGBANG SeungRi
7. ZEA GwangHee
8. Seo InKook
9. After School KaHi
10. SECRET SunHwa
11. 2AM ChangMin
12. After School UEE
13. Brown Eyed Girls Gain
14. SHINee Onew
15. KARA Nicole
16. Yu SeYun
18. SuperJunior KyuHyun
19. MBLAQ Mir
20. IU

Are you surprised after seeing the ranking?

9. After School Kahi

12. After School Uee

I personally think that Uee hasn't changed much... But Kahi did change a lot, extremely agree with a comment I read on Youtube," She's just getting hotter everyday"~ LOL~

Credit: Dkpopnews

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