Wednesday, 15 June 2011

8 May 2011 Kahi on Bouquet with her Mom + mini translation

Translated by: energywenkahi

Kim Hyun Ja is Kahi’s mom’s name. Kahi will be K, and KHJ will be Kahi’s mom in this translation.


KHJ: There’s something that I am really disappointed. There’s a friend’s shop that I went to earlier and you called me right? On the phone, I said “Oh Kahi-ya~” and you replied “Mom, what is ‘Kahi’~”. So I was rather disappointed at that time. When you asked me what is Kahi, I was so disappointed and my face hardens.

K: Mom, wait a minute and let me speak!

-Panel of MCs blames Kahi (jokingly)

- Female MC: She can’t even call her own daughter!

K: No it’s not that! I am really happy that my mom feels proud about me~ I am so happy that my mom thinks that she can be proud of her daughter. But mom, honestly, think about this. Mom, over the past 32 years, how many times do you call me “Kahi”? Everyday, I only hear you call me “Jiyoung” but suddenly over the phone you said “Oh Kahi-ya~”.

Hyungdon (MC): Must be with the neighbours. Female MC: Have to show to everyone (that Kahi is her daughter).

K: It’s too obvious (that she’s trying to show everyone that Kahi is her daughter). It’s like showing that my daughter, Kahi called. I felt so awkward. Because I only hear her call me Jiyoung everyday. So I asked her “Mom, where are you?” because I feel that she must be at some place. And mom was like “I am at the town hall (동사무소), why?”

KHJ: What town hall?

K: You said you were at the town hall!

Male MC: She did not just want people whom she knows to know (about Kahi being her daughter) but everyone else as well.

K: I was really so awkward then. Because I heard her saying Kahi. So I said “Mom, why do you call me Kahi? Just call me Jiyoung like you use to. I will feel awkward when you call me Kahi.” And she replied “Oh ok ok ok, are you on your way for schedule?” and she will ask about the other members. “Oh ok ok, you are with Uie?” It’s this kind of suitation then.

KHJ: Even though I can’t show it to everyone, I still wish to show everyone (that my daughter is Kahi).

-MC talks about how their parents are the same-

MCs: Kahi should understand (why your mom does this).

K: It’s because I was so shocked and awkward then.

KHJ: And too!

K: There’s more!?
Translated by: energywenkahi
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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