Tuesday, 7 June 2011

7 June 2011 Lizzy is a little mermaid for Doojoon in ‘All My Love’

The recent June 6th episode of ‘All My Love’ featured the whole family on a trip to Saipan.

Soonduk (Lizzy) is insecure of her looks in a bikini at first, but when her tutors compliment that she looks like a mermaid, she regains her confidence and attempts to appeal to her love, Doojoon.

Soonduk waits for some alone time with Doojoon with her coat on, but she becomes irritated as Ok-yup (Jo Kwon) isn’t leaving Doojoon’s side.

Soonduk is ultimately left alone on the island as her plan fails, and viewers were filled with laughter when worrisome Jo Kwon returns to find her, he is captivated by Lizzy’s bikini body.

Netizens who watched the episode commented, “Lizzy was so cute and sexy”, “She has a cute face AND a perfect body”, “What should she do? Jo Kown, not Doojoon fell for her looks,” and more, and gave much attention.

Source + Photos: bnt News via Nate 
Credit: Allkpop & Soompi

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