Monday, 6 June 2011

6 June 2011 After School’s Legs steal the spotlight in Singapore

The “K-Pop Heal the World” was held yesterday; four idol groups displayed their own charms: T-Max was very close to fans,MBLAQ showed the charms of guys while After School and T-ara attacked with their beautiful and long legs, which made fans go crazy!

The concert, which started shortly after 7pm at Max Pavilion in Singapore, attracted over 5000 fans. The groups invited include T-MAX、MBLAQ、After School and T-ara. This was T-ara’s first visit to Singapore, which was the highlight of the concert.

The organizer held a fanmeet before the concert which let the fans see After School and MBLAQ up close. Fans were not afraid at all,complementing their beauty and charms. Some even confessed their love to them, which made the artists giggle.

During the concert, fans were even happier. When the lights were off,they were holding fanboards, screaming “I Love You”,and even went to the front of the stage,displaying their passion nonstop.

The four groups also repaid their fans by singing and dancing and displaying their own attractiveness. The concert ended at 10pm,the artists(except After School, who left for their flight)stand together on the same stage,singing Michael Jackson’s 《Heal the World》,MBLAQ even wore t-shirts which bears the wordings of “I love Singapore”, which is very passionate.

Credits: via AfterSchoolDaze
Trans: kinwah56

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