Sunday, 5 June 2011

4 June 2011 A fan account of After School @ Singapore

Encounter with After School

It’s not everyday I get to see a kpop idol come down to Changi Airport and it was my first time to see one and it was After School this afternoon.

I arrived at Changi airport Terminal 3 at 1:30, 45 mins earlier than the scheduled arrival of SQ603, the plane After School was on. When I arrived, the barricade was already up and there were some people gathering around the barricade bookign spots when After School arrived later. I was there with my friends and the crowd ws slowing gathering.

2:15 arrived and everyone was standing and trying to get a good spot. Me and my friends were standing at the end of the barricade and was patiently waiting for After School to come out. 1 hour passed and still no sign of them and the area around there was getting crowded. Then, screams were heard form the front and I knew After School had finally emerged and soon cameras were all up in the air. so was mine and I set mine in continuous shot.

The first person in the line was Kahi and she was REALLY beautiful with that orange hair(think hayley Williams from ‘Misery Business’ Music Video’ and the term ‘disarming charms’ really fits her. I couldnt take my eyes off her and hence, the pictures in my camera were fucked up. She was smiling and waving to the crowd. Bekh and Uee were next and they were walking hand in hand. Bekah,with a fringe and a poonytail, was waving and smiling but Idk about Uee cause I cant see her. Eyoung was next and she looked real cute with the cute hairstyle and the oversized shades. Nana walked past and didnt turn back till she was really at at the end. She does have a cute face and a really hot body. Jungah was next and she had shades on and her mood was like Bekah and Kahi; All smiles and waving to the crowd. Lizzy was next and I didnt get to see her cause the stupid security officer was blocking her. rania was next and like Bekah, Kahi and Jungah was waving and smiling. Jooyeon looked super tired when I saw her.

I still cant get over the fact that they are awesome and were like average my height with the exception of Kahi cause she’s around 172cm. I can say that I finally breathed the same as After School.

Ask me if I’m ready to see SNSD since I saw After School, the answer is: Hell no. I was contemplating of jumping over the barricade which was at my height level.

overall, a good experience.
 Credit: hellotheregoodbye


VEE said...

Cool, wow! You're a Singaporean by any chance?
Gawd, so lucky. I couldn't attend the kpop heal, heard that it wasn't that great due to the annoying securities.

FYI, Kahi's real height is below 170. She's still tall though. I'm her big fan!

Xam37 said...

Hi Vee, 1st time see you around here~ Welcome! I'm a Malaysian and this is only one of the fan accounts... Not mine =( I wish I could be there =(
And thx for your info~ Vote for her in the Ideal Type War if you really like her =)

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