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21 May 2011 After School @ '500M Big Question' with translation


Translation thanks to: NanaASfacts
K-netizens are saying After School has too much “SEXY” in them. It’s time for them to show their cute and innocent side. They want 30% cuteness and 70% friendliness from After School. After School has both of these in them, it’s just that they have to show more of it.

JuYeon said Kahi, JungAh and Bekah have a lot of Aegyo in real life. The MC said that Kahi is the mother of After School. The show had invited a professor who specialized in Dactylogram studies to analyze Kahi, Juyeon, Bekah and Eyoung’s handprints.

Since After School’s debut, many rumors have been spread that the members of After School are not in good terms with each other. Kahi is really upset about this. Through the hand print analyzation, each After School member on the show had their personality revealed:

Bekah will like guys who have a big age gap from her (10-20 years different) Kahi’s reaction upon hearing this, “Andwea!! This cannot happen!!” *acting protective* It was also said that Bekah has a “money-making” mind. She’s very suitable to venture into business. Bekah had a really hard time when her parents divorced. Despite this, she hid her sadness well; we always see the cheerful Bekah.

JuYeon will fall for guys who shares the same thinking as her and also philosophical type of guys. JuYeon will be the type of girl who thinks that “love can make you survive“. The professor also interpreted that JuYeon will only meet her ideal guy at the age of 30-32 years old. If JuYeon is having a relationship now, it will not progress smoothly and they will broke up eventually. JuYeon has a very creative and imaginative mind which makes her suitable for musical, drama and variety show. Bekah said that she has never see JuYeon cry before. JuYeon respond by saying, she’s not the type who will cry in front of people. Instead, she will cry alone when no one is around.

Kahi’s handprint is very unique. The chances of people getting such hand print is 1 out of 1000. It is said that Kahi has “3 computers working in her head” . Which means she’s good at multi-tasking. Bekah said if she took 1 hour to remember dance steps, Kahi unnie will take only 5mins. When it comes to work, Kahi is a perfectionist. Because of this, Kahi becomes “heartless” when it comes to practice. Without knowing this, Kahi can hurt others very easily. However, Kahi is a very soft hearted person.

A song producer make some compliments about our girls after watching their showcase.

Kahi: “She’s very suitable to participate in musical. Her body figure and height suits it.”

Bekah: “When Bekah sings, her voice resembles Baek Ji Young. She could be a good dancer and singer like BJY“.

Personality of Bekah as analyzed by another professor:

Focus on the blue color outline of the pentagon: Bekah’s personality is said to be flexible. She can adapt to almost anyone’s emotion. Even without telling Bekah the full details, she’s able to figure it out and respond to other’s emotion.

The professor also said that the member which Kahi needs the most will be Bekah. Kahi respond by saying, “I’ve always been saying that Bekah is the most reliable one.” *and she hugged Bekah* Kahi continued “when I was feeling very tired, Bekah is the first person I would go to. I always end up telling Bekah about my problem“.

Among the members (Kahi, JuYeon, Bekah and E-Young), it was mentioned that one of them is under alot of stress. -said by professor- And that person is no doubt our charismatic leader, Kahi. Other member see Kahi as a person who always listens to her dongsaengs’s opinions and put a thought for them. However, Kahi is actually very depressed deep inside.

Drawings the professor used to explain their findings:

In the first drawing, there are 3 ppl carrying a very heavy burden. And who are they referring to? Prof: “Kahi is not one of them. So where exactly is Kahi?“

After came the second drawing: Kahi is the one right at the bottom, carrying the huge burden which included other member’s burden. Thats what Kahi has been doing. Kahi’s reaction upon seeing the drawing Kahi respond saying that she has decided to walk hand in hand with other members instead of carrying the burden alone.

One of the proffesors also said if Kahi did not become a celebrity/artist, she would most probably go crazy. It seems Kahi was born to become a celebrity. A performer. 

Translation thanks to: NanaASfacts 
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze 

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Thanks very much for the translation. I've watched this and since there's no translation, I just made my on interpretation..LOL.. but what were the experts done in their research on them were almost true.. people said by looking at the person's face, we sometimes can read the person's character.

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