Monday, 20 June 2011

20 June 2011 After School Singles

The first unit will release a single on 21st July and another unit will release another single on 28th July. First unit is highly likely to be After School Originals - Kahi, Jung Ah, Raina, Joo Yeon & Nana.. Their mini album is said to be ‘Time to Click’.

2nd unit.. I don’t know what it is. But I guess people should know about a sub-unit that’s been in the works, called Violet Girls. Violet Girls will be a girl band unit, members are said to be Lizzy, E-young & 3 Pre-School Girls presumably said to be Yoonjo, Ara & Kyungmin. I don’t think it might be this sub-unit though.. The timing is almost too soon, and it would be crazy to add all of them in immediately.

However, all of this is not confirmed.

Credit: fyafterschool
& AfterSchoolDaze


Leez Omar said...

Lizzy, Nana & Raina again? Oh no.. pledis, please don't burden them.. just let the pre-school girls involved in violet girls.. :(

Xam37 said...

Pitiful Orange Caramel =( so many sub units making them like not special anymore..

Leez Omar said...

somehow i think pledis boss is heartless.. >.<

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