Saturday, 4 June 2011

2 June 2011 Raina's cute selca on Twitter

2 versions of news posted regarding to Raina's cute selca~


After School's Raina shared a new selca on her Twitter.
She shows the V sign when taking this selca.

Some fans commented that she is a bit revealing in this selca,"sexiness + cuteness" in one picture.

She was wearing After School's Shampoo stage outfit when the photo was taken.

Do you have any opinions to share?

Credit: Dkpopnews


After School’s Raina revealed her glamorous figure recently…even if it was a bit of an accident.

On June 2nd, Raina uploaded a picture of herself through her Twitter, tweeting, “Yaya ♥.”

In the sel-ca, Raina, who has dyed her hair blonde, is puckering her lips and staring into the camera with her eyes open wide – making a cute expression for fans. She also didn’t forget to make a cute peace sign next to her eyes.

However, the point that caught most netizens’ attention was the glamorous figure she had been hiding all this time. The outfit she was wearing in the picture was slightly open around her chest area, subtly revealing her glamorous assets.

Netizens commented, “Turns out, you are glamorous”, “How did you get around hiding it all this time?”, and “Are you going to be added to the ranks of ‘bagel girls’ (baby face + glamor)?”.

Source: JoongAng via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


Leez Omar said...

no need to reveal anything.. she's cute enough.. lol..

Xam37 said...

She's my favorite member in AS! Glad she always updates her twitter hehehe..

Leez Omar said...

yup.. the most active one..they are already in Singapore.. so near.. yet so far.. T_T

Xam37 said...

Yeah... I wonder when they will come T.T Let's cry together T.T

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