Sunday, 19 June 2011

19 June 2011 Bekah’s Graduation Party was Full of both Laughter and Tears

Early this morning Bekah’s official graduation photos were released. A representative of the photoshoot said, “The graduation photoshoot was held in a positive atmosphere. All of the members wanted to be by her side and battled over who could would be able to sit next to her. After the last cut, Bekah did show tears.”

Yesterday afternoon Raina uploaded a photo to her twitter account revealing it was taken at Bekah’s graducation party. A representative from Pledis later tweeted, “On the afternoon of the 18th, Bekah had a graduation party with the Pledis staff and After School members at our building in Yuksam-dong. The members and staff shared tears and laughter over past memories and everything that they couldn’t say before. Bekah also delivered messages she had prepared and revealed her plans for the future to everyone present.”

Guests who attended Bekah’s graduation party last night:

- Pledis CEO Han Sung Soo
- The After School members
- Soyoung (First unofficial graduate)
- Son Dambi
- Lee Siyoung
- KARA’s Seungyeon (invited by U-ie)
- KARA’s Nicole (invited by Bekah)

After the party After School went clubbing at Club Volume!

Before Bekah’s official un-enrollment she will release a solo song for fans that came from her heart.

Credit: AllKpop + fyafterschool + Paran + energywenkahi via AfterSchoolDaze

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