Friday, 17 June 2011

17 June 2011 Information regarding second Sub Unit

2nd sub unit is call AFTER SCHOOL ORIGINALS.

First mini album will release in September-October. They re-recorded songs. Nana will take over Bekah parts in rapping. They should be having activities in Korea since it’s mini album. However it’s all not confirmed.

2 title songs, all recorded without Bekah. One is hiphop, and one is a softer image kind of track. 3 MVs. Bekah’s solo song will be in this group’s digital single.

Members: Kahi, Jung Ah, Joo Yeon, Nana & Raina

Note: From - This is not news. Nor is this rumor.



Leez Omar said...

whatever they wanted to do, I will always giving my full support to our girls..

Xam37 said...

yeah, best regards to them..

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