Friday, 17 June 2011

17 June 2011 Bekah's Message to Fans

Bekah wrote it first in Korean. Translated of her korean into English in brackets. 

안녕 안녕~~~ [Hello Hello~~~]

오늘다 기사 봣져… [You saw the news today right…]

재송해요~… 직접 예기하고 싶엇는데… 생각을 마니 하고 예지하고싶엇어요~ [Sorry~…I really want to say this myself…I have many thoughts and wish to have more wisdom~]

우리 팬여러분들… 항상 힘이됏어요.. 항상 고마웟어요… 항상감사해요.. [Our fans…always giving (me) strength.. Always thankful to… Always thank you..]

너무 사랑해요… 너무너무나 보고싶을꺼에요~ 너무 슬푸지마요…또 볼수잇자나요…:] [I love you so much… I will really really miss you~ Dont be too sad…We will meet again right…:]]

제가 더 한글로 표연을 하고싶은데…한글이 어려워요ㅋㅋㅋ… ㅜㅜ… 그래서…영어로 쓸게요~~~~ >.< [I wish to write more in Hangul…but Hangul is so difficult kkk… TT…So I will write in English~~~~>.<]

I just want to thank everyone for giving me so much of their love and time to support After School and me.

I especially am always amazed at those fans who came to see me at 뮤뱅, 음중, 또 인가..[Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo] it was a HUGE encouragement for me.. Right now.. I honestly, don't know how to feel..I can't imagine what you guys are feeling too. I just hope the best for all of you guys, you guys are truly amazing people. I pray that you guys will always reach for your goals and no matter who discourages you.. that you keep on going.

Life is crazy, how it can change in an instant. I'm REALLY going to miss you guys screaming out AFTER SCHOOL or even my name. Everything was a blessing for me and I will NEVER forget you guys. I hope to see you guys soon. Maybe when I visit Korea again I can see you guys somehow..

I love Korea and even though it was a different culture and lifestyle for me.. I grew to embrace it and love it. You guys truly real warm people inside. I wish you guys to just shine as brightly as possible and not be afraid to love one another. I've learned that there are a lot of people who are difficult to get along with or love...but still..loving each other is the best thing you could ever do in this world. Of course I'm still learning too..ㅎㅎ[hehe].

I don't want to say goodbye because I have a feeling I'll be seeing you guys one day, maybe on the street, at a 편의점[Convenience store].. I'm not too sure but I will see you guys again.

I love you guys with all my heart and I'm so blessed.

I hope for the best for you guys and always smile. God bless you guys always.

사랑해요...마니마니... :] [I love you... A lot a lot... :]]

<3베카~ [<3Bekah]

Credit: AS_UieFacts


Leez Omar said...

No words can describe how i feel right now.. the most precious gem in AS will leave us soon.. Only God knows! :(

Xam37 said...

Yeah.. It seems the story behind is quite complicated.. If Bekah was really forced to out... Curse Avex

Leez Omar said...

but, if it is the reason, why? is it because of they want to add a member from japan, then they pick any of them who willing to draw from this group? is it all because of their marketing plan? if it so.. then you not only can curse, you can send c4 to avex.. >.<

Xam37 said...

i dont know.. But there were rumors saying Bekah was actually heard ranting on Pledis.. Why is entertainment company that 'dark'.. but b4 any fact was disclosed we better don't simply guess.. and i wonder what Lizzy's tweet means, it was deleted..

Leez Omar said...

i don't know.. maybe it's a part of their marketing strategy. yup, me too, keep on wondering what was lizzy said in the deleted tweet.. maybe a 'rebel' statement? who knows..

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