Friday, 17 June 2011

17 June 2011 Bekah is an Intellectual Goddess

After School’s Bekah is an ‘Intellectual’ goddess with a radiating force.

Today Bekah’s dreamlike atomosphere was released through a selca. Bekah uploaded the picture above to her twitter with the caption, “Hello hello now, goodbye goodbye” underneath it.

Bekah is seen in a neat brown blouse which is where netizens felt her ‘intellectual’ charm emanated from. With her hand placed on top of her head Bekah added to this charm and produced a dreamy expression.

After seeing the picture netizens left comments in online communities like, “...facial expression is like art. Dreamy atmosphere“, “Feel the Force is something like a goddess” and “the flowing hair adds to the atmosphere” among other opinions.
Source: Newsen
Trans & Credit: ASD

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