Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15 June 2011 Uee to Debut as a Solo Artist?

Melons music site has been updated with a list of upcoming musical releases and U-ie has made a surprise appearance on the list with a June 21st release date.

There is currently no information as to whether U-ie’s solo activity will be an OST for her upcoming drama or a solo single album. But, don’t worry with a tentative release date slated for less than a week away there is bound to be more information out soon.

Check out melons upcoming releases on their website by clicking here
Information from: AS_UieFacts
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze 


Leez Omar said...

hmm.. uie debut solo? why not? it's a chance for her to prove that she can sing well like others.. let's wait..^^

Anonymous said...

yup...lets good she can sing...

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