Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15 June 2011 After School Leaves Messages in Official PlayGirlz Cafe

After School leave some Thank you message again on fancafe, and again, Pledis/Fan manager disable the right/left click on mouse so I can’t save the picture

Most of members put “Thank you so much” in their messages,

Kahi: (I don’t see kahi’s message there x__x)

Jung Ah: “Always thank you” (and some word that i can’t read)

Joo Yeon: “I love you~ Chu!”

Uee: “Lovely playgirlz, Always thank you, You know i love you right? I love you♥”

Raina: “Always do it together”

Bekah: “Playgirlz ! Always thank you”

Nana: “I always love you” (and another message, can’t read, yes because super small font)

Lizzy: (I totally can’t read her handwriting it’s too small)

E-Young: “I gained strength because of a lot of cheering” (and another message i can’t really read the girls handwriting it written on super small font x_x)

Hopefully pledis/fan manager will provide a bigger paper size and unable right/left click on mouse in the future
Translation and credit: fyorangecaramel via AfterSchoolDaze


Anonymous said...

we love u too...fighting....

Leez Omar said...

auww.. i like uie's message.. so much love.. lol :)

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