Wednesday, 15 June 2011

14 June 2011 SeungYeon had Lizzy 'Jumping' to her dance lessons

And a video recently posted on an Internet message board Seungyeon was caught teaching Lizzy the dance steps to Kara’s hit song ‘Jumping’. This was filmed while the girls were in Thailand along with many other idols to record “King of Idols”.

As shown in the first capture Lizzy and Seungyeon had an intimate embrace after their impromptu dance class. Fans who saw the video said things like “they seem to be really close,” and “heartwarming to see you getting better“.

Source: ASDAZE
Credit & Shared By: sheila™@ASAP via Dkpopnews


Anonymous said...

they keep hugging...i want it too... \(>o<)/

Xam37 said...

I can understand your feeling >.<

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