Monday, 13 June 2011

13 June 2011 Bekah's UFO reply (June)

*Will be continuously updated*

12 June 2011
Fan: I will support you and AS in Singapore for today's broadcast! Love you forever! God bless! I hope you have a happy Sunday!
Bekah: Thank you~~~ Have a nice day~^^ God bless you!

Fan: Good morning Bekah~ I'm going to learn motorcycle... Not car... I already have a driving license! hehehe :-D
Bekah: Don't ride motorcycle! It's very dangerous... Anyway good luck to you, God bless!

Fan: Bekah! I'm here! Last performance hwaiting!
Bekah: Hahahaha i will try to find you! Thank you!

13 June 2011
Fan: My grandma fell down and hurt herself... Mum is rushing back to Taiwan... I will pray from here for grandma because @__BEKAH said praying can help...
Bekah: Oh... I will pray for her too... Everything that happened must have their own reasons~ ;) Don't feel sad~~~

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