Tuesday, 14 June 2011

12 June 2011 Uee, Raina and Nana @ ‘Gag Show’ + Translation

SYG: Who’s here today?

MC (can’t remember his name): After School, of course. Uee, Raina, and Nana came.

SYG: Who? Raise your hand….Hey this is stalkerish, isn’t it? You stood in line at dawn just to see me, right? …But are they originally 3 people?

MC: No, they’re supposed to be 9, but only three came because the rest were busy with other schedules.

SYG: Yeah, right. They probably had a catfight, and these are the 3 that won…At any rate, since y’all came to see me, I’ll give you the chance to see me up close. Come up on the stage.


SYG: You’re the kids that became After’s School’s Orange Caramel, because you wanted to be more appealing in my eyes, huh? You danced a lot of cute dances to appeal to me. Okay, so be cutesy in front of me right now.


SYG: Hey, what are you doing???? How is that cute? Keep doing that and you won’t be able to get a guy. Watch—let me show you what “cute” really is.


SYG: What? I’m so you that you’re all going crazy wanting to bite me, right? Hey! Y’all 3 tapped danced, to look more sexy to me, right? Show me right here. I’ll take a look.


SYG: …what are you doing???? You’re tap dance doesn’t have any “echo” to it. Watch—I’ll show you what a real tap dance is.

SYG: At this level should be enough, right?

SYG: Hey, looking at your faces, I think you must not have slept because you were too excited to see me. your face is all blotchy..I have a present for you, so close your eyes…Shut them…Are you jealous?..here. Your face is all dewy now, right? Here—I collected my sweat. Take it and boast about it to the other members. Take it. And don’t worry about your oppa; I’m sweating profusely right now.

Credit: raina0ch via AfterSchoolDaze
Translation thanks to myhyunni via AfterSchoolDaze

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