Friday, 9 September 2011

9 september 2011 Your Favourite "Blonde Hair Female Idol" - Dkopnews Poll

CL (2NE1)
Dasom (SISTAR)
Gyuri (KARA)
Hyo Sung (Secret)
Hyun Ah (4Minute)
Jessica (SNSD)
Luna (f(x))
Nana (After School)

Cast your vote on the top of this page~ Show some support to woori Nana~

Credit: Dkopnews


Jessica_ said...

BoA, Nana, Jessica, Hyosung e Dasom <333

Gabi-jyj said...

Nana & Hyuna ♥

Hellen said...

Nana, BoA e CL :) <3333

Xam37 said...

Yes Nana <3

Xam37 said...

Dazzling red~~

Xam37 said...

Hehe Nana <3 BTW I like Jessica too~

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