Sunday, 4 September 2011

4 September 2011 After School's Uee Opened New Me2Day Account

With the photo above, After School's U-ie opened new Me2day Account. is a Korean Social Networking site, where you can update status, share photos, and videos like Facebook. Most of Korean Artists have this account so lucky to those fans who are friends of them.

On the 2nd of September when U-ie made her new Me2Day Account. We quote:

"안녕하세요 애프터스쿨의 유이입니다! 오늘부터 미투데이를 시작합니당^^ 제 미투데이 많이 방문해주실꺼죠?!^^ 오늘은 LOVE LOVE LOVE 미공개!! 사진 대공개!!!!!! (사진은 회사 언니에게 몰래 부탁했어요!!!!! 사진대~~~박) 내일 오작교 본방사수!!!! | Hi this is After School's U-ie! I'm starting using Me2day account today^^ Will you visit my me2day account a lot?!^^ today it's LOVE LOVE LOVE private!! Photos aren't public!!!!! (The company asked to sneak photos!!!! Photos to~~~Night) Tomorrow, Ojakgyo Brothers!!!!"

Today, U-ie also updated her Me2day captioned: "지금 저는 멤버들이랑 촬영장에있답니다~~~~!!!!ㅎㅎㅎ무슨촬영일까요??!!으흐흐흐흐~~~~~~~~ | I'm at a shooting place with members~!! heheh Guess what it's for?!! hehehe"

So, Playgirlz on Me2day are now excited! Even in twitter? So, what are you waiting for?? Be friends with U-ie on Me2day now! =D

Source : U-ie's me2day account |
Translation : Twitter fan ; @as_uiefacts

Credit: Dkopnews 

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