Friday, 16 September 2011

16 September 2011 After School UEE’s tank top: Where Can I Get That?

In a past episode of KBS‘s “Ojakgyo Brothers, After School‘s UEE was seen rocking a casual outfit that had many fans wondering how they could emulate that look.UEE wore a long white tank top, shorts, ankle boots, a purple backpack, along with a black shoulder bag. This outfit can look good on anyone, and is an effortless yet stylish everyday look.

If you are wondering where UEE’s tank top is from, it was made by Culture Call and currently retails for about $13 USD. Although UEE is seen in the white version, it also comes in khaki and brown.

The shirt can be worn with either shorts or leggings, as seen in the provided photos, but it could also be paired with destroyed jeans. You can choose to leave the shirt hanging out for a comfortable, breezy look, or tuck it in, use a studded belt, and top it off with a fitted hat. Finish with a few bangles or a leather cuff, and you’ve got a great ‘street punk’ vibe (we could totally see f(x)‘s Amber rocking that look!).

Source + Photos: TalkyPool 
Credit: Allkpop 

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