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16 September 2011 After School Becomes Role Models

--Updated 17 September 2011--

The pics are After School @ Kansai Collection
It seems that 70% of the members in the Japanese Playgirlz fanclub are women. After school as a group has become role models for Japanese fan-girls and it has only been two months since their debut!

--Updated 17 September 2011--

Girl group After School has captured the hearts of Japanese girls’.

After After School debuted in Japan, they received attention because of their fantastic performances
and stunning body figures. Also, they have captured the hearts & attention of Japanese Girls’ and became
a ‘Style Icon’ because of their fashion. [...]

After School member, Nana, has been invited to the fashion show, ‘Tokyo Girls Colllection’ on September 3rd as the main model with other top models. After School has been invited to Kansai Collection on 11th of September. Kansai Collection was held in Osaka Cosera Dome, After School successfully opened the event with a great and charismatic stage.

After School are also CF models for a Japanese cosmetic. Even though they have only debuted for 2 months; they have managed to appear on a CF and fashion show, and makes them not only be singers, but also ‘Fashion Icon’s.

Japanese staff representative said, “Even though After School is a girl group, 70% of the members in the Japanese
fanclub are girls, unlike other girl groups nowadays that are cute and lovely – they’re charismatic and fashionable, and they have become the ‘Wannabe Star’ of Japanese Fangirls “.
Credit: Hankooki via AfterSchoolDaze
Info: kim-jungah-ddicted via AfterSchoolDaze

Updated info credits
Source: Hankooki
Translations: ahyoo @
Credit: Dkpopnews

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