Wednesday, 14 September 2011

14 September 2011 Bekah Tweets Her Jewelry Creation

On September 14, After School graduate Bekah tweeted her newest jewelry creation. The artistic college student is showing off her non-Kpop talent online. You can see the complete image of her art and read the tweet in her own words below:

"I made this. 'A few of my favorite things.'"

Are fans in love with her homemade charm bracelet? Hint: She just won a customer! Read their responses below:

"wife!! You're amazing and talented! God's grace! I love you! Please take care and update more wherever you are! Miss you :("

"OMG! is so beautiful! you have an amazing talent!"

It's gorgeous, older sister, what symbolises the stone? i want one too! keep doing things with soul, my bias!"

Bekah graduated from After School in July and returned to her hometown Hawaii in order to focus on her studies as a desginer.

Credit: Soompi

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