Wednesday, 13 July 2011

13 July 2011 Unit News Translation Snippets

After School new unit, Kahi - Uee “Sexy Red” vs Joo Yeon - Lizzy “Fresh Blue”

Kahi-Uee will be in the A.S RED team that will be focusing on sexy and strong image concept. On the other hand, A.S BLUE team that has Joo Yeon-Lizzy will be presenting the fresh and bright concept set for the hot summer to the fans.


After School 1st generation member Joo Yeon who fits the red team concept was surprisingly not in the red team. Meanwhile, the usual fresh and owner of a pretty smile, Nana who is also a member of sub-unit Orange Caramel was seen to be a sure-in member for the blue team. However, the 2 members “switched” teams.


Before After School sub-units, A.S Red and A.S Blue begin their promotional activities in Korea, they will first head to Japan for their debut showcase on 17th July. The showcase will pave way for their 1st Japanese single, BANG!


Original from various news source. :D

Credit: energywenkahi via fyafterschool

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