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28 July 2011 After School Red & After School Blue - Interview @ OBS Entertainment News + Translation

Kahi: OBS Entertainment news viewers, hello, we are A.S. Red and Blue. Nice to meet you. I think you will be able to see the differences in our concept just by looking at us seated here. Us (points to the AS Red side), when you look at us we are the ones in charge of sexy, powerful, strong charisma. When you look at Blue, its like all of them are goddesses and innocent. An innocent and lovable image.

QN: Are they having a rival-mindset between the 2 sub units?

Jooyeon: Rather than being rivals, rather than having all 8 of us promoting as one After School together, this time round it’s a better way to show off our own charms in groups of 4. Rather than being competitive, it’s better..-

Jungah: -We can cheer each other on.

QN: What’s the one moment that you remember the most after debut?

Kahi: During Bang, when we are playing with the drums, all of us have the same hairstyle. Bur Raina’s hair is short so she had to wear a wig. And if you watch our performance, there’s a part where we threw the sticks to the floor and grabbed another pair from behind us and continued drumming. So when we did that, pulling another pair of drum sticks from behind…-

Jooyeon: -the wig…

Kahi: -the wig suddenly was pulled and fell to the floor in front of her. Raina’s wig. It looks like a huge caterpillar.

Jungah: It’s funnier to see it in person than to see it on some comedy program.

Kahi: It was a really fun memory that we had.

The members are suppose to choose the member who fits the question the most.

QN: The member who is most different before and after makeup?

-Everyone picked Nana, even Nana herself-

Nana: Even though I am different, it’s not weird! When I remove my makeup, I look like a baby, innocent and cute. (Look at Uie’s expression LOL) When I have my makeup on…-

-Kahi snatched the mic over-

Kahi: No, no.

QN: Member with most aegyo?

-Everyone picked Lizzy except Kahi who picked Nana but changed to Lizzy after realising everyone picked Lizzy-

Jooyeon: Dialect seems to have it own aegyo charms. When she speaks, it seems to sound fun and have aegyo.

Kahi: Like “Unnie, have you eaten?” when Lizzy says it -imitates accent- “Unnie, have you eaten?”…

Jooyeon: And she has a smiling face (when she speaks) so when you are angry with her, she has the smile on her face and you can’t really flare up.

Jungah: Most importantly, her age itself is an aegyo.

Lizzy: Unnie have you eaten~?

QN: Member who washes the least?

Lizzy said Eyoung.

Lizzy: I share a room with Eyoung. After our practices at night, we will be drenched in sweat. So I will shower before I sleep. When I come out of the showers, the light is already off and she’s sleeping. So I asked “Why didn’t you shower before you sleep?” and Eyoung said “Because I am too tired.”

Kahi: You shower once you wake up right?

Eyoung: Yes, I shower the next morning.

QN: Member who changes the most in front of guys?

-Everyone points to Uie-

Uie: Me?

-Everyone LOL-

Jooyeon: Uie in front of guys, her voice will be really cute and have lots of aegyo. She herself doesn’t realize it. Maybe that’s how she really is?!

Kahi: Uie likes lots of skinship too.

Jooyeon: She must have really like guys.

Uie talks about her character in Birdie Buddy and her partner.

Uie: Even though she seems arrogant, she is a character that really loves her father. It’s really an honor and I am happy when I meet him (her partner in the show). He helped me a lot and we had a really enjoyable filming together


Kahi: “In the Night Sky” and “Wonder Boy”, we wait for everyone’s love for the 2 songs. Please give us lots of support. And we will begin out Japanese promotions in August, no matter where we are, we will be singers that Korea will be proud of. Please give us support. Fighting!

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Credit: ASFVariety4 via fyafterschool+ misskahidotcom via AfterSchoolDaze

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